Comprehensive Initial Consultation

You are unique with unique DNA, life purpose and food priorities.
Deep analysis of your blood test results, family history and environments help me to uncover the mystery of your health issues and set you up for success.

How can food help you look & feel better?” 

Well, nutritional therapy is not only about what you eat, when and why.

Together look at how you digest and absorb the nutrients and what is eating you! I talk about emotions (anger, fear, stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness). Often we don’t eat because of physical hunger but emotional hunger caused by discomfort in life.

Together we will cover all areas of wellbeing (mental, emotional, nutritional, physical and spiritual) so that we can find the mystery of your health issues and reverse or prevent disease with personalised dietary and lifestyle changes that suit your unique needs.

As a science-based nutritionist, I will take into consideration your biochemical individuality, diet, lifestyle, environment, mental and emotional state, existing medical conditions, and genetic factors.

Like a detective, I will connect all the dots and help you find the root cause of your health issues (rather than targeting individual symptoms) so that we can co-create a plan that suits your unique needs and lifestyle.

If you experience hormonal imbalance and you live stressful life the cumulative effect of your lifestyle decisions might lead to chronic disease.

Do you experience any of these symptoms?

Before our meeting I will:
During our 90-minute consultation I will:
After our consultation I will:

let's move the needle in the right direction!

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