Clean Eating Shopping List Video Series

Do you think you eat healthily but something is not quite right?

🎯 You avoid processed and sugary food

🎯 You eat like a bird, trying to cut down calories

🎯 You invest hell a lot of energy & money into buying high-quality food

BUT there is this BUT and questions you might be asking :

🤷‍♀️ Why can’t I lose that stubborn belly fat and love handles?
🤷‍♀️ Why do I feel drained and so low despite a healthy lifestyle?

I hear you, I have been there many times 😥

The more I tried to be “good” and “disciplined” the more I gained weight and felt bloated.

⭕It was a vicious cycle ⭕

After many years of studies, research and my own trial and error I discovered the mystery of my cravings, weight gain, mood swings, bloating and poor sleep.

I understood the underlying biochemical mechanism and the power of hormones that rule our life.

That’s why I created a programme Eat Clean Get Lean and the shopping list with a video series is a part of it. 
I want to help you feel & look amazing without dieting and excessive exercise.

Introduction video to the Eat Clean Get Lean Shopping List video series


Fruit is very healthy but not for everyone!

🤨 Which fruit should you eat or avoid and why?
🤨 Why are apples and pears bloating you?
🤨 Can you get constipated after eating blueberries?
🤨 Are you farting after eating dry figs or dates?

I used to think that starting the day with fruit was a smart choice but it wasn’t!

My blood glucose levels were all over the place and I was feeling hungry by 10.a.m.
My energy levels and mood were all over the place.
I got bloated like a balloon in the afternoon and it took me years to discover the mystery.

Little did I know about the negative impact of fructose on health and now I stick only to fruit that you can see on my Eat Clean Get Lean Shopping List.

In this video, I explain:

👉 Why eating too much fructose (the fruit sugar) can be dangerous and cause bloating?
👉 Which fruit is relatively safe even for those that have IBS or sensitivities?
👉 When should you eat fruit and at what time of the day you should avoid eating fruit?


🤷‍♀️ Do you like roasted potatoes, beetroot, parsnip or sweet potatoes?

That caramelised sweet taste is divine and it is healthy, right?

Yes, it is a vegetable but if you are suffering from bloating or if you try to get rid of stubborn belly fat you should think twice.

What is starch?

Starch is storage of sugar in plants helping them to have enough energy to grow.
Due to the sunlight plants create energy and store it in roots and bulbs or in grains.

Which vegetable or grains is high in starch?

Potatoes, carrots, beetroot, parsnip, corn, peas rice or wheat.

Did you notice that if you put rice, grains or potatoes in water that the water turns white?
That is starch = sugar = glucose!

Glucose spikes insulin, insulin is an anabolic hormone called FAT MAKER because its job is to remove glucose out of the bloodstream and store it either in the liver and muscles in a form of glycogen.

If this storage is full glucose is stored as FAT on the belly and waste.

The question is when can you eat starchy vegetables?
What is the portion size?

That’s what I explain in this video and what I cover in details in the online course Eat Clean Get Lean!

What can you do to avoid belly fat?
Avoid carbs or starchy vegetables at night. You do not need sugar for going to sleep unless you are going to be very active all night long.

Do you need some meal plan ideas?

👉 Sweet potatoes with chicken and green leafy vegetable
👉 Beetroot salad with halloumi and beans
👉 Pumpkin soup with coconut milk and roasted pumpkin seeds
👉 Frittata with peas and feta


10 Non-Starchy Vegetables That Help You Lose Belly Fat 🥬

That’s the non-starchy vegetables that you can find on my Eat Clean Get Lean Shopping List

In the previous video, I explained why you should watch the portion size of starchy vegetables and in this video, I tell you all the benefits of non-starchy vegetables.

👉 Which vegetable can you eat in unlimited amount?
👉 Why should you avoid eating asparagus, celery and cucumber in the evening?
👉 Who should avoid peppers, aubergine and tomatoes?
👉 Which vegetable will make stinky farts and why?
Non-starchy vegetables are low in sugar storage and will not spike the hormone insulin the FAT MAKER
In fact, they will help you burn fat.

100 g of spinach has 26 kcal but the body will use around 100 kcal to break it down.
If you are trying to lose stubborn belly fat and fit into your favourite jeans, green leafy vegetables can help you get there.
This vegetable you can eat in an unlimited amount
Here are some of my favourite recipes

👉 Spinach with eggs and kimchi
👉 Rucola with tahini dressing and feta cheese
👉 Roasted cauliflower with curry paste


Many of my clients avoid nuts because they either find them difficult to digest or they think nuts are too high in calories.

If you have my FREE eBook The 5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes you know that


In this video we will look at the following questions :

👉 Which nuts and seeds are the best and why?
👉  What are the benefits?
👉  What is the optimal portion size?
👉  Can I eat nuts if I want to lose weight?

By now you know that :

👉  Eating peanuts covered in milk chocolate is not a good idea!

👉 Neither dry fruit with macadamia nuts!

🤷‍♀️ Why I never buy vegan healthy snack bars?
🤷‍♀️ Why I never combine dry fruit with nuts?
🤷‍♀️ Why is dry fruit causing belly fat?

There is so much that I would like to share with you because I am so passionate about science and advanced nutrition and I love to eat A LOT and cook simple meals.

Would you like to learn more about nutrition and what to eat and when?

Join the online course Eat Clean Get Lean and learn how to plan meals for your unique needs and lifestyle.

Try my favourite ways to incorporate nuts & seeds into your daily routine

👉 a handful of almonds with white yoghurt or skyr with cinnamon as a snack
👉 sprinkle seeds on the top of your salad
👉 eat 2 squares of dark chocolate with a handful of walnuts

I totally avoid cashew for ethical reasons and you will never find them on my shopping list.

I made a video about it for all vegans on all of my channels.

I buy my almonds, avocados, oil and other products supporting Crowdfarming farmers.

Are you low in PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids)?

🤨 Do you have brittle nails, itchy dry skin or eczema?
🤨 Do you feel thirsty or need to urinate more often?
🤨 Do you have mood swings?
🤨 Do you feel anxious or depressed?
🐟 After learning about toxicity of fish you will not  feel like to eat tuna anymore!

In the online course Eat Clean Get Lean we dive deeper into details of the impact of toxins on our hormones.

I answer questions such as :
🤔 Why should you avoid tuna?
🤔 Why you should avoid farmed-raised salmon?
Tuna is a large fish and lives in a polluted ocean for more than 50 years and is full of mercury!
Heavy metals are toxic for your brain and act as endocrine disruptors. They are mimicking the hormones in your body causing imbalance.

Typical signs & symptoms of toxicity are:
Muscle or joint pain
Brain fog

In his video, I talk about better alternatives. Small fish (sardines, herring, mackerel)

Why are they better?
👉They live for a very short period of time.
👉You can easily buy them in any market.

👉They are inexpensive and very high in protein.

🤑You can also save money 🤑
A jar of tuna is around 3 euro to 6 euro whereas a can of organic sardines cost around 2 euro. It contains 18g of protein in 80 g of a can which is more than tuna!
If you are a meat eater you want to take into consideration the difference between organic and conventional farming.
Organic, grass-fed meat, smaller scale, not using antibiotics as a prevention of disease and much more.

My favourite recipes

👉  Sardines with cottage cheese dip with kohlrabi and carrots
👉  Wild-caught steamed salmon with curried cauliflower florets
👉  Herrings with mango chutney and black rice
🙅 Do you know that you should never use extra virgin olive oil for cooking because it can change the molecular structure and become carcinogenic?

Have you heard about smoking point?
Surely you have seen the smoke when you forgot the pan on the stove.

Oils turn rancid when they burn and in the process free radicals are formed. The “baddies” attack our DNA structure and cause cancer.

Did you know that :

👉 Traditional Mediterranean cuisine is never using olive oil for frying?
👉 Almost all food is prepared at a low temperature (sauté, steam, slow cook)?
👉 Olive oil is added at the end of the preparation?

In this video, I talk about different oils and fats that are on my Eat Clean Get Lean Shopping List and how you can use them.

These are my favourite recipes:

👉  Coconut oil with buckwheat pancakes made with kefir and linseeds
👉  Walnut oil for tahini dressing with green leafy vegetable
👉  Butter for parmesan omelette or frittata


🍳 You don’t want to eat meat, fish or eggs all the time. I get it!

A plant-based source of protein is wonderful but you need to combine it well otherwise you can get bloated or decrease the absorption.


Plants do not have the full source of all the 23 amino acids that we need daily.

That’s why you need to combine beans with rice (black or red) or grains from my shopping list.

In this video, I talk about
🤔 Why should you eat protein with every meal?
🤔 Why you might get bloated eating lectins?
My favourite recipes using an alternative source of protein?

👉  Chia seeds pudding with kefir and brain boost from a health boost
        you can use the 
discount code Blanka10%
👉  Skyr, Quark or Fromage Frais with cinnamon & roasted almonds
👉  Protein pancakes with buckwheat and milled linseeds


🙅 Why is sugar so addictive?

Because there is a typical rollercoaster scenario “instant pleasure followed by feeling low“!

Glucose (sugar) temporarily increases the happy hormone serotonin.
What comes after is an energy slump, cravings, feeling of guilt and anxiety.

You feel guilty for overeating on empty calories and rather than quitting sugar and limiting carbohydrates, you look for “healthier” alternatives.

In this video, I explain that the impact on the blood glucose levels is the same and that you can save your money on trying to buy expensive marketing tricks such as AGAVE SYRUP!

There is no healthy alternative, unfortunately 😿

🤷‍♀️ SUGAR IS SUGAR 🤷‍♀️ The cocaine of the food world 🙁

I promote Clean Eating and the 80/20 rule and everything with moderation.

In the online course Eat Clean Get Lean I share with you which alternative is the most suitable and mostly how to combine the food so that you don’t spike insulin “the FAT maker” as much.

Which sugar do I use for baking with my kids?

Coconut blossom sugar because we like to make

👉 Protein buckwheat pancakes for breakfast
👉 Quark (fromage frais) vanilla cheesecake
👉 Walnut and carrot cake with coconut whipped cream


Why should you avoid gluten if you are not celiac or sensitive?

Because gluten is like glue and it sticks to your intestine.

A gut wall is a place where vitamins, minerals, amino acids or fatty acid molecules should be absorbed so that you can feed the cells in your body and create energy.

If it is blocked by the glue, you might be sending all the food down the hole to your 30 trillion bacteria so that they can party and create gas and make you bloated.

I am not saying you should NEVER EVER eat bread, pizza or pasta but if you stick to the 80/20 rule you can say goodbye to:

❌ fatigue
❌ memory loss
❌ muscle pain and joint pain
❌ constipation
❌ headaches
❌ high blood pressure

In this video, I talk about my favourite gluten-free alternatives such as millet, red rice, black rice or amaranth but mostly I praise 🙈 guess what?

I am a “Buckwheat queen” because I use buckwheat for EVERYTHING

👉 Buckwheat is not a grain but a gluten-free seed!

👉 Buckwheat helps to reduce inflammation and lower LDL cholesterol because of RUTIN (phytonutrients and antioxidant) which helps to improve the elasticity of arteries.

👉 Buckwheat is low in glycaemic index so it will not spike insulin levels and is ideal for diabetics.

👉 Buckwheat is high in fibre so it will bulk the stool and remove constipation.

High fibre content will activate the stretch receptors on the stomach wall which will send the signal to the brain that you are full.
You eat less and you feel full for longer. This mechanism is ideal if you want to lose weight.

👉 Buckwheat is an excellent source of protein so ideal for vegans and vegetarians.
50 g contains 7 g of protein and 14 different amino acids (building blocks of muscles, hormones, cells).

I could go on and on and on praising buckwheat benefits…

Are you convinced to give it a try?

Here are some of my favourite recipes:

👉 Buckwheat pancakes
👉 Béchamel sauce using buckwheat flour
👉 Cacao cookies with butter and buckwheat flour

👉 Buckwheat and amaranth banana bread


Ditch the boring recipes and dress your food with new flavours in 2 minutes.

Who has time to spend hours in the kitchen or create new recipes?

I love buying prewashed baby leafy vegetables and use different dressing (ginger & roasted sesame seeds with soya sauce or tahini with cranberries and walnut oil).

That’s what I am going to talk about in this video so that you can get inspired and update your cupboards.

Here are my favourite recipes:
👉 Curried cauliflower baked with cheese

👉 Tahini & pomegranate dressing with green leafy vegetables

👉  Beetroot carpaccio with balsamic vinegar


Did you know that certain herbs and spices can help you boost the energy levels, beat the bloat and get rid of stubborn belly fat?

Cinnamon is my favourite spice and after watching this video you will 💯understand why!

My Eat Clean Get Lean Shopping List could not include all of them and if you suffer from perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms you would like to include sage, saffron and lemon balm.

Here are my favourite recipes:
👉 Baked apples with cinnamon

👉 Roasted almonds with rosemary and sea salt

👉 Fresh oregano with tomatoes and a selection of soft cheese


Coconut milk and peanut butter? It doesn’t sound like a diet.

🎰 Bingo 🎰

I do not promote dieting but rather sustainable lifestyle changes that lead to improved blood glucose levels, balanced cholesterol levels and hormonal balance and no inflammation!

Weight loss is a secondary by-product of a healthy &sustainable lifestyle.

Here are my favourite recipes:
👉 Coconut fat whipped cream with chia seeds and berries

👉 Peanut butter salad dressing with roasted vegetables

👉 Almond butter with slices of apple and a dash of cinnamon