The 5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes (#4)

5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes eBook by Blanka Campbell

Would you like to learn about the 5 biggest weight-loss mistakes that you are making right now and how to avoid them?

As a nutritionist I see clients making the same dietary and lifestyle mistakes all over again.

Every single client tells me this phrase:” but I eat healthy food.” I ALWAYS PROVE THEM WRONG😔

Mistake #4 Did you know that SUPERFOOD CAN SUPERSIZE YOU?

👉 Are you following the trend of healthy smoothies for breakfast? (coconut milk, avocado, peanut butter with banana, chia seeds and extra protein powder)

👉 Do you eat giant avocado with quinoa salad followed by a healthy raw brownie with coconut whipped cream and you wonder why eating clean doesn’t make you lean?

The answer is easy. You eat & drink more calories than your body needs.

I know that here I told you not to obsess about calories but eating organic whole food doesn’t mean calorie-free! Unfortunately

Super-foods are calorie-dense, and you need only small amounts to get all the benefits of antioxidants, minerals and healthy fats.

Portion control is essential if you want to lose weight.

What is the example of snack portions?

  • 3 Brazil nuts per day
  • 2 pieces of fruit
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 2 tablespoons of seeds
  • 2-4 squares of dark chocolate (minimum 75% of cocoa and preferably 90%)

The remaining food (lunch & dinner) could consist of an unlimited amount of green leaves (rucola, spinach) steamed brassica vegetable (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale).

Protein such as 150g of lean fish or 2 eggs per day would cover your daily need of protein/

Wondering where is the desert?

Natural sugar such as coconut blossom nectar, honey, agave nectar, maple syrup or fructose is still simple sugar that spikes your insulin levels.

By now you know that insulin is a FAT making hormone that you must get under control if you want to lose weight or achieve optimal health.

Read food labels and choose wisely!

Fructose is even more dangerous because it is easily absorbed and stored as fat in the liver so don’t consume more than 2 pieces of fruit per 🥭 and avoid hidden sugar in so-called “sugar-free healthy snack bars”.

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