Hormone Nutritionist



Why do I show women how to get back to the driver’s seat, beat the bloat, boost energy levels and rebalance hormones?

Because I would have wished to get such support when I hit rock bottom in 2014.

As most nutritionists do, I had a history of mysterious health issues that nearly ruined my life.

Since childhood, I have suffered from excessive appetite & emotional overeating.  These habits that I learned early were the most difficult to break.

Since my twenties, I suffered from abdominal pain, IBS, constant bloating and excessive farting no matter what I ate!

It greatly impacted my self-esteem, social life, and mental and emotional wellbeing.

I remember stressing about going out because of my bloating. What should I eat (or not eat) to survive the night out without faux pas?

What should I wear so people don’t ask me if I am pregnant?

I was determined to find the root cause of my gut problems, and that’s where my medical marathon started. I tried EVERYTHING. From modern to Chinese medicine, probiotics, dozens of supplements and therapies.

The conventional medical approach didn’t work.  I kept swallowing the pills I was prescribed without any improvement.

I tried restrictive diets that claimed to remove bloating, fatigue, farting, improve my skin and more.

Little did I know that my obsession with raw vegan food high-fibre & superfoods would worsen my situation!

I was always hungry and had extremely low energy levels; I didn’t sleep well. I even gained more weight!

Little did I know about biochemistry and the importance of hormones.

In my thirties, the situation got even worse.  After giving birth to two kids while renovating a house in France and having a full-time job, I reached rock bottom. 

On top of all the gastrointestinal issues, I suddenly got perioral dermatitis. Painful red rash all over my face!

I tried steroid treatments and a burning laser and cried out in pain every night.

Will I ever get out of this misery?

I was only 34 years old and falling apart despite doing everything I could regarding health and wellbeing.

Finally, I contacted a nutritional therapist and asked for help.

Looking back, it was the best investment that I have ever made. She pointed out the critical mistakes and showed me my blind spots. Food that I considered “healthy” at that time was the culprit of my bloating, inflammation and nutritional deficiency.

I was so amazed by the power of nutrition and its biochemical mechanisms. 

I learned for the first time about hormones that impact mood, sleep, energy levels, digestion, physical performance, hunger, satiety, concentration, and motivation.

Personalised nutrition changed my life in every sense. 

I quit my corporate job, and at the age of 35, I enrolled on a level 6 diploma course at the College of Nutrition and Health in London.

I spent 4 years learning about the science of advanced nutrition, human metabolism and the impact of hormones & food on  Health & Wellbeing.

It is about what we eat and what is eating us. I talk about emotions and perceived stress. 

Nothing works in isolation. Body & mind connection is vital to mental & emotional wellbeing.

That’s why I became a certified yoga & meditation teacher to share practical tips on calming the nervous system and finding inner peace with my clients.

In 2022, I completed the hormone yoga therapy certification to help women understand hormonal imbalance and relieve perimenopausal signs and symptoms.

It took me almost 20 years to master my own Health & Wellbeing. On this challenging journey, I found my passion & purpose.

I combine academic knowledge with my personal experience of working in a busy corporate environment & juggling family life.

This unique marriage of science and spirituality helps me dive deeper into women’s health and find the root cause of the imbalance.

Are you curious to find out more?

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