“The body affects the mind & the mind affects the body, nothing is in isolation”
That's why I provide the unique bland of my expertise to help you rebalance all pillars of wellbeing & flow through your days with ease & joy.

Have you tried yoga but found it boring? No action? Too slow? Crazy mantra chanting and time-wasting Shavasana at the end of the practice?

I used to escape the class before the final relaxation as I considered it a “waste of my time”. Little did I know about different yoga styles and the benefits of breathing, meditation and  finding inner peace in stillness.

What has music & yoga in common?.

There are many different music styles (classical, techno, R&B, rock) and different bands. You need to listen to many songs before you find what you like . Sometimes you might not like the song for the first time but you gradually fall in love.

Yoga has also many styles (Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga) and many yoga teachers too.

Before you give up on yoga try to attend the class at least 3 times and see if the voice & style of the yoga teacher resonates with you.

It might not be the love for a first sight but life-long relationship.

What are the main benefits of yoga?


Are you tired upon waking and your motivation level is low? Morning yoga practice will make you feel alive and set you up for a success. Specific postures such as sun salutations, backbends and twists build your energy levels up so that you can flow through the day with ease & joy.


Destress with energetic yoga flow before you lunch and switch off your busy brain.
Allow space & time for mindfulness and you will reap the benefits in no time. During the class, you will recover your energy and activate your “rest & digest” nervous system so that you can digest and absorb your lunch after the class.


Do you want to counteract the effects of sitting all day?
Stiff neck, tightness across the upper back, compression of your spine and lower back?
Overactive brain?
Slow yoga flow will help you unwind and sleep like a baby all night long.


Do you want to get into the best shape your your life and need a accountability buddy?