Kea Tunnell

If you only read the first visible line – I can 100% recommend Blanka! I was diagnosed with systemic lupus which is an autoimmune disease affecting not only joints but possibly also organs. The only solution offered to me by the Rheumatologist was conventional medicine while I knew that nutrition is a proven way to improve just about any disease. I chose Blanka by recommendation from a colleague and also because I saw that she herself had suffered from problems and this was the reason she became a nutritionist – who better to ask if you are ill yourself? I booked the 21-day program and I am amazed at the tangible results. Not only did Blanka give me detailed expert advice on my illness, went through the blood test results with me, detailing what the different values meant and what we can do about it, she also provided me with much scientific information and background, a food/shopping plan (getting started and organized is the hardest part, really). She also considers your mental state and wellbeing and it’s not hard to open up with her easygoing and cheerful personality. I am happy with a new lifestyle and grateful to Blanka to have supported me so well in taking these first steps.