Zuba Erika

I am truly and ever so grateful for Blanka because of two different reasons. I am 36 years old, a vegetarian yogini. I don’t fight with digestion problems, or other illnesses, neither overweight. I always considered myself a healthy person. Until my body just got fed up, gave me a notch and made me realize: that I am actually not. I turned to Blanka because suddenly I started to experience excessive hair loss and I got very scared. My bad eating habits, the tendency of overeating were not my first concerns, as we all have those (right?) at a certain point on a certain stage in our lives. Certainly, I didn’t think that these are in fact linked. After seeing my blood results, Blanka immediately pointed out: I was starving my own cells, because of the extreme lack of protein in my body. After the personalized consultation she provided the appropriate supplements, plenty of recipes and a meal plan, telling me exactly what to eat and when. She told me in a very direct but loving way, what I was doing/eating wrong. And this is what I needed. After one week I’ve already started to see changes regarding my eating habits: I had no cravings. And that’s a biggie when you are a woman. Blanka has incredible knowledge, but that’s not what makes her an exceptional professional in nutrition. What does is her passion towards helping people to heal themselves. It’s not just that she knows, what she talks about, but she is able to put herself into everyone’s shoes because she’s been there too. The second reason why I can’t thank her enough for is giving me the inspiration to evolve on my own journey… Her enthusiasm, passion and big heart make her who I call: a real Healer.