Zdenek Danek

The 21-day personalised programme with Blanka was the best investment of my life. I used to exercise a lot yet I kept putting the weight on. It was very frustrating for me. I tried many diets but gained 10 kg over the course of 2 years. My blood results showed hight cholesterol levels and I used medicaments for high blood pressure. I downloaded Blanka’s free Ebook and the mistake regarding excessive exercise caught my attention. After the initial consultation, I understood where I go wrong. My goal was to lose 10 kg and learn how to cook quick meals, what is the exact portion sizes so that I don’t feel hungry and I improve my endurance. The programme delivered more than I expected. I didn’t know anything about hormones and enzymes, carbs or the importance of protein in every meal. Blanka breaks down complicated biochemistry into simple and entertaining language. I lost 10 kg and I still keep them off. I also reduced blood pressure medication and I sleep like a baby. I highly recommend it!