The 5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes (#3)

5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes eBook by Blanka Campbell

Would you like to learn about the 5 biggest weight-loss mistakes that you are making right now and how to avoid them?

As a nutritionist I see clients making the same dietary and lifestyle mistakes all over again.

Mistake #3 is COUNTING CALORIES is common among my clients.

Did you know that calories indicated on the food packages could be out by up to 30%?

Traditional calorie counting doesn’t consider your unique physiology and hormonal status.

  • Do you have your period?
  • Do you have large muscle mass?
  • Are you stressed?
  • Do you sleep well?

What about the cooking method or the thermic effect of food? Meaning the energy that your body needs to spend for absorption and digestion of the steak & fibrous cabbage salad versus the white baguette with butter and jam?

If you eat fresh whole food the molecules are in long chains and it takes much longer to break them down into single molecules for their absorption.

If the body doesn’t have a chance to break them down, the food will pass through the digestive system and you eliminate the calories in the stool without absorbing the calories.

Are you eating processed food such as white bread, white rice, rice cakes, puffed breakfast cereal?

Yes, they are lower in calories than avocado or nuts, but it is quite easy for your body to break these simple carbohydrates down without spending too much effort or energy during the process. What happens with all the quick energy?

You know the answer, don’t you?

All that energy is going to be stored as fat on your belly!

Salmon, on the other hand, contains unsaturated fatty acids (very long molecular chains) which are much harder for the body to break down.

You might consume 400 kcal, but your body needs 300 kcal to break it down.

That’s why you might even lose weight while eating healthy fat.

All calories are not equal so don’t be obsessed with calorie counting.

Follow these two golden rules:

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I would be delighted to hear from you. What do you struggle with most? What worked for you?

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